Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a garden plot here?
A: The P-Patch Program is operated by the Department of Neighborhoods.  You can apply for a plot online at

Q: Is the meeting room available for private events?
A: The Jefferson Community Center handles rental of the room.  Call (206) 684-7481 for details.

Q: Can my group get a guided tour of the park with one of your knowledgeable volunteers?
A: Contact us at, and we'll try to arrange it.

Q: May I bring a school or volunteer group to Bradner Gardens for a day of service?
A: Absolutely!  There must be a garden leader on site to oversee your work in the park, and we do have some requirements regarding appropriate student/adult ratios.  Contact us at for more details, and to schedule your event.

Q: How can I donate plants to Bradner Gardens?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept all donations of plants.  Please contact us at, and provide specific information about the plants you'd like to donate.  Thank you!

Q: I have a load of leaves/compost/manure/wood chips, etc. to donate to Bradner Gardens.  Can I dump them in one of your storage bays?
A: Please don't do that.  We know you mean well, but we're an organic garden, and we must know the provenance of any materials we receive.  Also, our space is limited.  Contact us at, and we'll let you know if we can accept your material.  Thank you!

Q: Since this is a "community garden", can I help myself to some of that beautiful produce?
A: Well, cowboy, around these parts we call that "stealing".  You see, the p-patch gardeners all pay a fee to garden here, and also provide their own seeds and plant starts, and soil amendments.  The organizations that maintain demonstration beds also invest in the park.  While we donate gladly and regularly to local food banks, the produce is not free for the taking.  And while we're on the subject of theft, the border plants are also off-limits.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Q: Is it okay to let my dog run free at Bradner Gardens?
A: No, it is not.  Dogs are delightful, but when they damage fragile plants, hmmm, not so much.  Please respect our gardeners and keep your dog on leash at Bradner Gardens.  The nearest off-leash dog park is Blue Dog Pond, at the corner of MLK Way and Massachusetts St.  It's a short walk from Bradner Gardens Park.

Q: I see you have a couple of nice-looking compost stations at the park.  Is there a way I could learn more about composting from you folks?
A: Yes!  We're passionate about composting here at Bradner Gardens Park!  You can drop in on one of our gardening parties (see the Calendar), and get the rundown on our operation, or you can contact Jim Dutkiewycz, our compost coordinator, at, for the current composting schedule.  Thanks for your interest!